Why I Travel?

I feel that travel is so much more than simply sights seeing  – traveling can be a life-changing experience. I travel to grow as a man, to meet others who inspire and teach me and to (ideally) do the same in return, to have my life enhanced by the beauty and diversity of this astonishing world and to have my eyes, mind, and heart opened wide.

I travel to travel the most of my time on earth and to live my dreams, to make every day count, instead of counting down the days J till the weekend because life is simply too short to live for me to live it any other way! But most of all I travel for freedom for my life or to live life on my terms and conditions, to be in charge of my own destiny, to give myself the biggest luxury – Time.

I particularly like exploring the unexplored beautiful places, mountains and staying in homestays. When I am traveling, conversing with local people, children and savoring local cuisine are my favorite experiences. Of course, admiring the beauty of untouched nature also overwhelms me. I travel with a backpack and want to inspire you to do the same.



My blog is my life, my activity, and my passion. What is it all about? I would like to send a message: No matter what your age is, or your budget, or status, you can travel and live your life on your own terms. No matter if you are still studying or, in your mid-thirties, forties, sixties or over. Do what you really want. If you love traveling or you have a big dream, save the money and just do it! I am just another boy who believed enough in his dreams to make them happen. That’s really all it takes. Nothing more. No need to be rich and no special talents required.

This is what I truly need from my blog: To persuade you that you have the right to live your dreams, and to make you smile over my latest clumsy adventures!

I hope you enjoy reading my website and watching video and images. If I can help you in ANY WAY contact me anytime or drop a mail on my mail id, write a comment or whatever method you prefer (messages in a bottle and pigeons are fine too… just be patient for my reply  !).